Magma - Udu Wudu

One of the greatest, most idiosyncratic & original bands ever. This is the last ''real'' Magma disc, recorded as the band was collapsing. But it includes the side long smoker ''De Futura'', which launched a thousand zeuhl bands on their careers...and that's just side two - side one is really good too, if not as intense. A total winner!
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Side one gathers together some shorter and not necessarily very memorable pieces, but it does have Zombies, part of the abandoned Emehtehent-Re suite (which Christian Vander is only just now returning as of this writing, ie summer of 2007). Side two is where the real magic happens with the awesome De Futura. Like MDK and Kohntarkosz before it, this is one of the all time classic avant prog extended compositions. Jannick Top takes his fuzz bass and synths and combined with Vander's drums, drives you the listener into the heart of darkness as we take a trip through time so that we may see the people of Ork (or whatever the frell De Futura is supposed to represent). You also get a bonus track offering us another piece of the Emehehtent-Re puzzle (and yes, I know I'm misspelling the title, I'm too damn lazy to Google up the actual spelling...if you're able to identify that I misspelled surely you know what I'm talking about!). Anyway, this is an album well worth owning. Just don't be put off by the cocktail hour rhythm box and horns intro of side one.
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