Magnolia - Falska Vägar CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“If Cream and Mountain were to have a baby it would be Magnolia. Sweeden's answer to both of those bands are back with their second album, Falska Vagar. While the band seems a bit more adventurous than on the first, it's really more of the same. In Magnolia's case that's a good thing. It's obvious that Ronny Eriksson has much appreciation for late 60's heavy rock, he's by no means a copycat. The guitar riffs these 10 tunes are based on are fairly inventive and the music is played with conviction.
Love Tholin's production is perfectly suited to Magnolia's brand of heavy rock. Drums sound like drums, the guitars are appropriately crunchy and the bass is punchy and distinct. The vocals are also well recorded.
The album is uniformly strong from beginning to end, but I love the bass work on "Vagskal", and the guitar work is pretty hot. "Dar Hemma" slows the pace and brings out the acoustic guitar and is a lovely change of pace highlighted by the violin played by LarsOls EvaUlrika Gustavsson. There is just not a weak track here. I am quite fond of their debut and I can't see this letting me down either. Magnolia seems to have avoided the sophmore slump and made an album that remains true to their late 60's heavy rock roots but also shows growth and inventiveness from a style that could easily be misplayed in the wrong hands.”-rym
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