Mahavishnu Orchestra - Whiskey A-Go-Go, 27 March 1972 CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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If we leave aside the incredibly dubious legality of this release, despite the fact it is available through all 'regular release channels', this is still a very good quality, nearly 75' radio broadcast of the mighty, mighty Mahavishnu Orchestra, recorded about five months after the release of The Inner Mounting Flame and about five months before they would record Birds Of Fire.
This band were one of the most influential bands in the world for about 3 years, both as individual instrumentalists and as a unit. Hear why.
1 John Talks, Meeting Of The Spirits 15:25
2 Miles Beyond 15:03
3 The Dance Of Maya 12:48
4 Band Intros 1:02
5 A Lotus On Irish Streams 9:44
6 The Noonward Race 19:39
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