Mahjun - Mahjun (1973) vinyl lp (due to size and weight, this price for the USA only. Outside of the USA, the price will be adjusted as needed)

This was the 2nd release by the French band Mahjun (and the 1st of two with the same lack of a title!).

�Solid orange vinyl version. Edition of 200. First time vinyl reissue of the eponymous classic debut album by Mahjun, one of the most innovative French prog underground bands, on the productive Saravah label in 1973. Their music, as you can hear on tracks such as "Les Enfants Sauvages" or "Chez Planos", is a subtle mix of spiritual jazz, pop music, folk and avant-garde reminiscent of Full Moon Ensemble, Brigitte Fontaine or the Th�atre du Ch�ne Noir.�

�It's unknown to me what happened between the 1971-73 period, but there is a number of reasons to believe that Maajun were put on ice and regrouped again by their leader Jean-Louis Mahjun: First comes the change of name, which was now simple the surname of the leader. Then, it is the revived line-up, which featured only Jean-Pierre Arnoux from the first album. P. Beaupoil was now on bass/percussion/piano, Haira on organ, P. Rigaud on saxophone/trumpet and D. Barouh/Mouna on voices.
The band even got a signing from the Saravah label and went on to its private studio for a second album. Here comes yet another reason to proove the fresh start of the band. The album was titled simply ''Mahjun'' and it was released in 1973.
The variations between the old Maajun and the new Mahjun do not stop here, because soundwise there are quite a few differences between the two albums. The presented work was now much closer to Jazz Rock with some dark and furious saxes in evidence, passing through more experimental Avant Folk fields with ethnic tunes and throwing in some strong elements from FRANK ZAPPA's humourous edges, both in the lyrical and music department.' �-rateyourmusic
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