Mahjun - Mahjun (1974) vinyl lp (due to size and weight, this price for the USA only. Outside of the USA, the price will be adjusted as needed)

This was the 3rd release by the French band Mahjun (and the 2nd of two with the same lack of a title!).

�Solid blue vinyl version. Edition of 200. On Mahjun's second eponymous album released by Saravah in 1974, percussionist Nana Vasconcellos joined the line up on the nearly 14 minute long track "La Ville Pue" and "Fin Janvier". Their politico folk-prog sound moved to an ethnic flavored psychedelic fusion. First time vinyl reissue of this classic and influential album.�

�In 1974 another self-titled Mahjun album was released on the Saravah label, featuring new members Daniel Happel on guitars and Fireballet's Jim Cuomo on winds and piano. It combined elements from both the first two releases of the band. The general style falls into an atmospheric, dense and sometimes dark jazzy/psychedelic Prog Rock category with strings, winds and keyboards to the fore and theatrical French vocals, which is somewhat unique of a combination regarding French Prog Rock. Hints of Van der Graaf Generator all over the place with haunting instrumental parts, psychedelic rhythms and Jazz-flavored interplays with a touch of Folk, when violin dominates the scene. Solid album.�-rateyourmusic
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