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Projeto B are a very excellent Brasilian 'out' avant/progressive jazz/rock band. Consisting of Leonardo Muniz de Correa (alto sax & clarinet), Yvo Ursini (electric guitar) Vicente Falek (piano and Fender Rhodes piano), Amilcar Rodrigues (trumpet...

Mahtrak - Panorama

Quite good, very 70s sounding jazz-rock from Brazil. I guess this doesn't exactly break any new ground, but if you like to hear that classic guitar and keyboard led jazz-rock sound (this reminded me a bit of Energit, among others), this is a really nice disc.

"Mahtrak is a band from São Paulo that started rehearsing in 2001. Those excellent musicians play a brand of jazz-rock full references from the seventies and shades of prog, while listing Mahavishnu Orchestra, Caravan, Soft Machine, Jeff Beck, Return to Forever and Weather Report as huge influences. On their debut CD, "Panorama", recorded in 2004, they explore the analog sounds of Hammond organ, Mellotron and Fender Rhodes pianos, with astonishing results."
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This is an amazing debut album. I recently bought this cd and simply can't stop listening. It reminds me all the best jazz rock groups of the seventies but it is full of new elements. If you are really into Return to forever, Eleventh House, Camel, Canterbury rock, Mahavishnu, among other you will love this record. Highly recommended!
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Yes, this one is very good and sounds great! The best prog/instrumental band of the far..
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Beautiful!!!!!!! Is There any other record? I am looking for a follow up of this one.
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