Malady - Malady (Mega Blowout Sale)

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This is a very good, very 70s-inspired, retro/progressive quintet from Finland. Based around dual guitars, keyboards, bass and drums, there are very nice vocal passages and harmonies, but having said that, the majority of this is an instrumental album. If you loved the Love catalog ("love to Love you, baby"), you'll love this!

"When Malady was founded in 2010, the band members had one goal: to create one album before turning 50. That starting point for making music describes the band quite well. They don't work for glory, but with ambition. Malady is inspired by the 1970's Finnish prog tradition. Even though the search for the right sounds and tones took plenty of effort, the music is not just about retro-tripping. The storytelling of the meandering songs is supported by an analog soundscape. Malady's music is at the same time subtle and substantial.

After the debut album was completed, two decades before actually turning 50, the desire to continue making music lives on."

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