Malibran - Strani Colori (special)

Malibran are a current Italian band who play classical/symphonic rock reminiscent of Banco and other 70s Italian classics. This is a collection of unreleased materials from 1989 - 2002.

"Hard rock mixed with soft symphonic prog. The first album is quite rocking, with a big presence of the guitarist. Apart from the usual prog instruments, they have also a flute player, and a good one at that! This feature makes this band a bit difference, since they know how to fit the flute sound...All musicians play well their instrument, but with no particular highlight. The keyboardist, though, is a bit hidden between the two guitars, but he's always there, filling up the songs. The sound has no immediate comparison. They're not straight neo-prog, they have a slight tendency to sound like the old 70s band, but due to the recording, they wouldn't pass for an old band... If you like tasty flute work, then this band will appeal to you, even more if you also like guitar-dominated prog. I found them quite nice and I think most will find them too."-Luis Paulino/Gibraltar

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