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In the 70s, there was a Milan-based musical co-operative called "L'Orchestra", that is probably best known for having released the Stormy Six catalog and the final Piccio dal Pozzo album, but they also released many other things, including the Italian editions of releases by Etron Fou, Henry Cow, Art Bears, etc and were closely aligned with the folks in the original RIO movement.

One of those 'other things' was a band called Mamma Non Piangere, who put out two albums towards the end of L'Orchestra's life in 1979 and 1980.

We used to deal directly with L'Orchestra for many years and we carried these albums and I still own them, even though in those pre-internet times, I could never find out much about them.

Now, 35 years later, MNP are back with a third album and it's totally great. It reminds me a bit instrumentally of Stormy Six's Macchina Maccheronica, with a completely different sounding, somewhat operatic female singer. Highly recommended for avant-progressive rock fans.

"Mamma Non Piangere are back after 35 years by their first two albums in the late 70's!

With this new work, the band from Milano confirms its remarkable originality on the RIO and Avant-prog scene from which it comes (Henry Cow / Slappy Happy / Art Bears, Stormy Six are the most direct references).

Eclectic compositions and technical expertise meet with irony and verve in lyrics and the melodic solutions that enrich the songs."
Laura Agostinelli: voice
Maurizio Del Monaco: alto and tenor sax, voice
Ferdinando Farao: drums
Lorenzo Leddi: electric and acoustic guitar, mandolin, banjo, keyboards, accordeon, mandocello, sounds, voice
Roberto Meroni: clarinet, bass clarinet, alto and baritone sax, voice
Luca Perraca: cello, bass, voice
Walter Prati: bass
Carlo Battaini: keyboards (1,3,8)
Tommaso Leddi: percussion (13), sounds (13)
Fabio Prina: bass tuba (13), trombone (13)
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