Mandrake Memorial - 3 Part Inventions (Mega Blowout Sale)

The lost, third studio album from 1969 by this quite good psychedelic / proto-progressive band. An absolutely worthwhile release for fans of music of this era.

“Having made two superb psychedelic albums and gigged with The Doors, Frank Zappa, Pink Floyd, The Velvet Underground and many others, in June of 1969, The Mandrake Memorial came to London. The plan was to record with famed producer Shel Talmy (The Kinks, The Who, Pentangle), but when that fell through, they persevered alone.
Long thought to be lost, 3 Part Inventions anticipates the woozy, dream-like vibe of their 1970 masterpiece Puzzle, combining eerie vocals, trippy guitar and otherworldly electronics to create a unique whole.
Transferred directly from the master tape, it's released here for the first time, together with a detailed band history, rare images, two previously unheard outtakes from a 1969 acetate, and a rare radio interview.“

“Anyone who lived in Philadelphia in the late '60s would remember the Mandrake Memorial well. They opened for many of the star rock bands who passed through the city, and in terms of local popularity, they were probably only second to the Nazz. Outside of Philadelphia, they were scarcely known whatsoever, though they did manage to produce some fine second-division psychedelia. As vocalists they were adequate, but they were accomplished players and interesting writers, dressing their solid melodies with liberal jazz and Middle Eastern influences.”-AllMusic

The Mandrake Memorial played at my high school dance in early 1968 and we tried to figure how to dance to their music as their sets tended toward 30 + minutes without break. I immediately became a fan. It was a totally different sound. I later heard them several times at the legendary Second Fret in Philadelphia and as warm up group to The Doors August 4, 1968 at the Philadelphia Arena. The Mandrake Memorial had a huge local following then, extremely well deserved, and were much better than The Doors in concert.
I still have flawless copies of their three vinyl albums and still find their first album (TMM), August 1968, to be electrifying. It holds up very well after 50 years . I just paid big bucks when I discovered it was on CD and am thoroughly enjoying it - the songs came right back into my consciousness.
This CD, 3 Part Inventions, released in 2016, has 14 dense pages of fascinating, detailed, and well written liner notes, including photos, of the history of TMM, most of which I never knew. Many old TMM fans will enjoy reading them. The music is not all immediately accessible but grows with repeated listening. I am very pleased it was released commercially on CD nearly 50 years after being recorded.”-Hugh May
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