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First time ever on CD for the first album by Maneige. This includes short but quite interesting notes from leader Jerome Langlois. This album, along with their second, Les Porches, are some of the greatest material to come out of the Quebecois progressive rock movement.

"People have been bugging us for these for four years. Finally available on CD, remastered from the original tapes with the blessing of EMI Music Canada, this was the first Maneige album released in 1975. It features the side-long track "Le Rafiot" and three medium-length tracks on (the original) side 2. Incredible chamber-rock crossed with prog and jazz, there are influences of Soft Machine and Frank Zappa's "Hot Rats" here but it also sounds a bit like early After Crying. Two live-in-studio bonus tracks are included, the never-released "Tèdetèdetèdet" and an alternate take of "Jean-Jacques", the early band's biggest hit."
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