Manna/Mirage - Man Out Of Time CD

Dave Newhouse / keyboards (1-6), woodwinds (1-3,5,6), voice (3), drums (4), yelling (4), electric piano (7,8), bass clarinet (7), saxophone (4)
Sean Rickman / drums (1-3,5,6)
Jerry King / bass (1,2,6), trumpet (5), trombone (1,5)
Mark Stanley / guitar (1,5)
Carla Diratz / vocals (2)
Bret Hart / guitar (2)
Dereck Higgins / bass (3)
Rich O'Meara / vibes, marimba (3,8)
Alanna Cohen Duvall / voice (3)
Guy Segers / bass (5)
Forrest Fang / violin (5)
Gary Rouzer / cello (5)
Fred Frith / guitar (6)

Manna/Mirage is the ongoing project by former Muffiny mastermind Dave Newhouse. While he’s obviously working towards different ends and also with a variety of different people as he explores these different ends, it’s still very much coming from HIS pen, so fans of the band should also greatly enjoy this release.
“The 4th Manna/Mirage album (Dave Newhouse's on-going series solo project) is now available as a limited edition CD in a Digipack format. It features many guest musicians from the RIO / Canterbury / Independent music community. Fred Frith (guitar) adds a new level to a comp entitled "Fred's Dream" (yes, it really did come from a dream I had about Fred!), and Guy Segers (bass) monsters through an 10 minute juggernaut of a comp called "4 Steps Back". All proceeds will go toward the next Manna/Mirage CD that is scheduled to come out around this time next year. Thank you for your support.”

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