Margolis, Al/If, Bwana - An Innocent, Abroad

"The new Al Margolis/If, Bwana CD is comprised of 'Issue,' for electronics and multi-tracked voice, and 'An Innocent, Abroad,' a 40 plus minute work for electronics, vocals, and flutes. 'An Innocent, Abroad' can be best described as a Sonic Oratorio: an assemblage, a construction of an event that never happened or will happen. A live installation for radio, perhaps. There is no 'meaning' to the text. All parts were drawn or are inter-related to the original vocal track, recorded by Lisa Barnard, which is no longer present. The text/voice part has been multi-tracked and now represents five 'separate entities.' The electronic parts have been extracted and processed from the original vocal track. The five flute parts were performed by Jane Rigler and Jacqueline Martelle, and were improvised by them. They recorded to the separate voice tracks. None of the performers heard the entire piece that they worked on."
  • LabelPogus
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