Martusciello - To Extend the Visibility DVD

Beautiful and I mean BEAUTIFUL packageing on this one!
"As a Limited Edition of 300 copies in North America, this DVD comes in a threefold art DVD case with a full color 48 page book offering substantial exegetical essays (in English and Italian) by Tim Hodgkinson and Sebastiano Giacobello) and additional artwork by Ale Sordi and Ester Curcio. This is a fully integrated electronic composition/animation work, based on satellite images of our planet. We are overrun by this type of "gaze" which reaches the outer limits of the stratosphere and then turns to look back on ourselves and our 'geographies' (like looking down through the eyes of the Divine, God's)… and furthermore without recognizing anything; the micro and macro having become the same. This technological extension is completely optimized to map out the globe (a form of outlining territories), to be able to 'find' each thing, each address, one's own home (as if we were 'losing' it). It doesn't take long to realize that once the curiosity has worn off (after inviting us to recognize the places we have visited, like our friends' houses) we can then just marvel at that 'other' beauty, those unrecognizable colors and strange shapes on our earth (everything seems to contain all of this century's history of painting). These images of our planet, multiplying during the "eco-debate" era, seem to darkly foresee (what is in fact a certainty) its disappearance, the irreversible pollution (which brings to mind the coincidence between the arrival of hi-fi for sound diffusion and music recording and the overall drop of all civilization's technological and contemporary industrial environmental acoustics). In brief, it’s a "discussion" about the planet, cosmos, God and the transfiguration of the "technological whole". Elio Martusciello was born in Naples in 1959. He has studied photography with Mimmo Jodice and visual art with Carlo Alfano, Armando De Stefano and Rosa Panaro. He is a self taught musician, composer. He teaches "electronic music", "audiovisual" and "multimedia and installation composition" in the classes of degree "music and new technology" at the conservatory of Cagliari."
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