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This is a real suprise to see and the music inside actually lives up to the expectations I had for this! In the early 1980s, drummer Jean-Paul Prat released an excellent zeuhl album called "Masal", which we stock. It was little known and that was all I ever heard from Jean-Paul...until now.
Masal is a new band consisting of Jean-Paul Prat performing on keyboards and guitar with five additional younger players on dual saxes, guitar, bass and drums, performing his unrealized music of that time that has sat unrecorded since the 1970s. The group plays with great assurance and this is really a surprisingly terrific album from a musician that I never expect to hear from again.
The music isn't zeuhl, it's more a kind of jazz-rock with strong themes and not such an emphasis on solos and in a way is possibly comparable to Forgas Band Phenomena - another musician from the 70s who had to wait a large number of years to have his unrealized music performed! Highly recommended.
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