Maschera Di Cera - Lux Ade (mini lp sleeve)

The third studio album by "The Wax Mask" continues in their now established vein of using their five piece line-up of vocals, piano/Hammond organ/mellotron/analog snths, flute, acoustic guitars, bass and drums to create a convincing and enjoyable homage and 'channeling' of the spirit and sound of the great Italian bands of the 70s, most notably (to my ears) P.F.M. on this one. Which is appropriate, as this was produced by Franz Di Cioccio (P.F.M's drummer) and appears on his Immaginifica label. This comes in a beautiful mini-lp sleeve type package with photos and lyrics. Their other albums are pretty fun and pretty good, in a very 'homage' kinda way, but this one is a significant step upward both in terms of originality and quality. Highly recommended for fans of the genre!
  • LabelImmaginifica
  • UPC8016158100334
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