Masson, Colin - Isle Of Eight

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“British multi-instrumentalist Colin Masson was born in late-50's to Anglo German parents and return to the UK during the 60's.He studied fine art and graphic design in Bristol in early-80's.While being a member of various small metal and rock bands during this period, he is mostly known for his work as a guitarist with the Celtic Folk/Rock band The Morrigan. With The Morrigan he produced four full-length albums until 1998, when he focused on recording material for his first solo work. This came out in 2001 entitled ''Isle of Eight''.
The album contains three fascinating long cuts, clocking at 25, 27 and 13 minutes respectively.Even more impressive, Masson handles all guitars, bass, keyboards and drums on the album with only some help by his wife and long time collaborator on The Morrigan Cathy Alexander on keyboards and vocals.''Isle of Eight'' presents all this compressed energy The Morrigan did not really blow out during their career in an incredible mix of Symphonic Rock, New Age and Celtic Folk, creating dreamy fantasy pictures of untold beauty for the listener. Moreover, Masson showcases his incredible skills not only as an extraordinary and special guitarist but also as a gifted composer in this album. Orchestral keyboards, heart-melt solos in a MIKE OLDFIELD vein, symphonically arranged passages, grandiose folk soundscapes and mostly some of the most tight compositions this overlooked artist ever wrote. The shifting acoustic and electric tunes are simply gorgeous and while you will find yourself in a calm bucolic mood at some point, the next moment the music takes off due to Masson's unique talent of producing dreamy electric atmospheres under an orchestral mood. All three epics follow the same vein and the final feeling is to spin this album again and again.
Definitely the most complete work of Mason's overall discography so far. Grandiose and highly emotional orchestral Progressive Rock with massive inspired folk and New Age overtones to satisfy all listeners of deeply atmospheric music journeys. Highly recommended.”-rateyourmusic
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