Mata Atlantica - Retiro e Ritmo CD

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Markus Reuter: Synthesizers, Samples, Treatments, Soundscapes, Field Recordings
Tobias Reber: Electronic Rhythms
Raphael Preuschl: Basses
Gary Husband: Keyboards
Andi Pupato: Percussion
Brian Krock: Saxophones and Flute
Luca Calabrese: Pocket Trumpet
Aralee Dorough: Flute
Colin Gatwood: Oboes
Charlotte Pelgen: Vocals
Zoey Gley: Vocals
Graça Cunha: Vocals
Lisa Fletcher: Vocals
Deborah Carter Mastelotto: Vocals
Pat Mastelotto: Voice
Markus Mauthe: Field Recordings
Christian Wolff: Field Recordings

“This album was inspired by my trip to Bahia, to the coastal rainforest of Brazil, the Mata Atlântica, an ecoregion even richer in species than the Amazon, but of which more than 90% is destroyed, and the rest is highly fragmented. The beauty and lushness of this nature, its colors and its sounds, its wildness, but also its vulnerability, have never left me since. Its diversity and complexity have inspired us to create this musical homage.
From contributions of many wonderful musicians my friend Markus Reuter has created this manifold collage, a sonic biotope, which tries to do justice to the magic of this region. We are part of nature, it is part of us. Let us respect what sustains us! Let‘s protect what we love!”—Mathias Derer

“With the support of several lead voices Mata Atlântica is an adventurous blend of subliminal sounds and ambient beats, minimalistic piano, bass and double bass, winds, saxophone alongside forest field recordings, and grooving percussions, resulting in a captivating sound. But its genius lies in Markus Reuter’s ability to weave such densely textured tropical cocktail into something wholly organic, subtle, and alive.”–Jose Zegarra Holder
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