Mayas, Magda / Filimental - Confluence CD

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Magda Mayas - piano, composition
Angharad Davies - violin
Anthea Caddy - cello
Aimée Theriot - cello
Rhodri Davies - harp
Zeena Parkins - harp
Michael Thieke - clarinet
Christine Abdelnour - saxophone

“Magda Mayas composed this piece for an octet comprised of a who's who of the avant-garde. The score consists of 12 photos taken over an hour or so, observing the merging waters of the Rhône and the Arve rivers, the artificial wall dividing them, the earthy, blue and green colors blending.
There are as many defining differences as similarities, depending on what one pays attention to but after a while the differences become apparent. A variety of angles, hues, light, excerpts, focusing on one or the other river or on the in-between areas.
The score offers the possibility to focus on tiny details, transitional areas, or to stay in one area for a long time over the course of a concert.”
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