Mazurek, Rob / Black Cube SP - Return The Tides: Ascension Suite and Holy Ghost 2 x vinyl lps in gatefold sleeve (due to size and weight, this price for the USA only. Outside of the USA, the price will be adjusted as needed)

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The limited edition vinyl edition comes in a beautiful, gatefold jacket and is pressed on purple vinyl (Rob's mother's favorite color); it's a stunning package!

"I have always thought of the idea of passing as a beautiful thing, in which the soul or life force of the individual is somehow transferred to the immensity and brilliance of the entirety. The idea of Heaven and Hell (and everything inbetween) has always been a hallmark within the limited spectrum of what we humans can come up with and the idea of God or Gods has, for some, been an interesting way of putting a life and circumstances into some kind of mysterious belief system that can at times be fed off of and at times be fed to." - Rob Mazurek

Return The Tides is a deeply felt tribute and requiem for Rob Mazurek's mother, who died 2 weeks before this recording session. Black Cube SP features Rob's group Sao Paulo Underground plus additional musicians:
Rob Mazurek - cornet, electronics, voice
Mauricio Takara - drums, cavaquinho (Brazilian ukelele), voice
Guilherme Granado - keyboards, synths, sampler, voice
Thomas Rohrer - rabeca (Brazilian folk fiddle), electronics, soprano saxophone, voice
Rogerio Martins - percussion, voice
Rodrigo Brandao - voice

The sound of Return The Tides is a hazy, gauzy collision of electronics, avant-garde jazz, tropicalia post-rock and noise, with a deep spiritual vibe that matches the subject matter.

Rob has recorded with high profile artists such as Tortoise, Jim O'Rourke, Stereolab, Godspeed You Black Emperor!, as well as his many own projects, Sao Paulo Underground (2 albums on Cuneiform), Exploding Star Orchestra, Chicago Underground Duo and more.

Rob recently appeared on the cover of The Wire magazine and was voted MUSICIAN OF THE YEAR by Italy's top jazz magazine, Musica Jazz! He is constantly touring the world and is known as one of today's top, exploratory jazzmen.

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