Mazurek, Rob / Exploding Star Orchestra - Lightning Dreamers CD

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“Lightning Dreamers is new work by composer, trumpeter, post-rock and avant-jazz legend Rob Mazurek (Isotope 217, Chicago Underground) , who wrote the music for a compacted version of his long-running Exploding Star Orchestra. The album is dedicated to the late artist jaimie branch (who was a protégé of Mazurek’s), and features guitarist Jeff Parker, vocalist Damon Locks, drummer Gerald Cleaver, pianists Angelica Sanchez and Craig Taborn and flautist Nicole Mitchell.
The album is a follow-up to Mazurek and ESO’s widely-acclaimed release Dimensional Stardust, which charted an 8.0 in Pitchfork and #5 in The New York Times’ Best Jazz Albums of 2020.”
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