McGregor, Chris / The Brotherhood Of Breath - Live in Willisau (expanded) CD

Until the release of our two Cuneiform releases, this was the only way to hear the power and majesty of a Brotherhood of Breath gig and it is still a great release and it even includes a fantastic piece that isn't available anywhere else (Camel Dance). This comes from a stupendous live gig with an all-star lineup: Chris McGregor- piano, Dudu Pukwana-Evan Parker-Gary Windo-saxes, Mongezi Feza-Harry Beckett-Marc Charig-trumpets, Radu Malfatti-Nick Evans-trombones, Harry Miller-bass & Louis Moholo-drums.

"With the Brotherhood of Breath, Chris McGregor was able to marry his love of kwela music, the Protestant hymns with which he had grown up as a child and post-Ornette all-comers free jazz in a large, sprawling band with a South African core and involving, at various times, virtually everyone of consequence on the British modern jazz and improv scene. They were capable of producing the most atonal and demonic of improvisations, yet the imperturbable rhythm section of Louis Moholo and Harry Miller anchored their explorations at all times, such that you were dancing as you flew into post-Sun Ra outer space. Frequently, in concert the “traffic jam” syndrome would make itself apparent, with all of the dozen or so horn players queuing up to solo, or just storming in anyway; often musicians would wander around the stage at their own free will, or jam the bells of their horns into microphones to produce overtones. Somehow it all held together and gave us the most glorious group of musicians of any genre ever to exist, a band who seemed to provide everything I wanted in music, post-Ellington in make-up and yet also strangely proto-punk in attitude. Live In Willisau was recorded in Switzerland in January 1973 on the same tour which also produced the Radio Bremen broadcasts reissued in 2001 as Travelling Somewhere, and both should be heard in tandem if possible. The Radio Bremen gig has a slightly different line-up – Mike Osborne, who was too ill to perform at the Willisau gig, appears on second alto, and Malcolm Griffiths deps for Malfatti on second trombone – but both sets of music are equally wild."-The Naked Maja
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