McGregor, Chris/Brotherhood Of Breath - Travelling Somewhere

South African born and raised pianist/bandleader Chris McGregor formed the racially mixed Blue Notes in the early 1960's, touring and trying to get by in extremely difficult political circumstances as best they could. By 1964, facing continous government harassment, Chris & the Blue Notes fled their South African homeland, finally settling in London in 1966. They made a huge impact on London's jazz scene and befriended many in London's emerging avant-garde jazz community. By 1969, the Blue Notes had drifted apart. Not too long afterwards, Chris formed The Brotherhood Of Breath, which was essentially the Blue Notes, augmented by a large number of the friends that they had made in the British jazz community. The band toured constantly during their peak years of 1971-74, but they only released 3 albums in their lifetime. Travelling Somewhere was recorded at a well known jazz club in Bremen, Germany on January 19th, 1973 for radio broadcast, and is by far the best recorded live document of the Brotherhood. The 12 piece band is a who's who of many of the big names of British free jazz of the early/mid 1970's: Harry Beckett, Mark Charig & Mongezi Feza (trumpets), Nick Evans & Malcolm Griffiths (trombones), Mike Osborne, Evan Parker, Dudu Pukwana & Gary Windo (saxes), Chris McGregor (piano), Harry Miller (double bass) and Louis Moholo (drums). Called ''One of the truly legendary modern jazz big bands.'' by The Penguin Guide To Jazz On CD, Travelling Somewhere adds to the band's still growing legacy, and will bring their music to a new generation of fans.
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