McGregor, Dion - Dion McGregor Dreams Again

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''Dion McGregor dreams out loud, and his dreams are not very pretty. Tzadik invites you to eavesdrop on the horror in Dion McGregor's mind. In 1964 ten of Dion's tape-recorded dreams were released on album and quickly dropped out of print. This CD is it's sequel, drawn from the same source material -- the spoke-aloud dreams of Dion McGregor as taped by his room mate MichaelBarr between 1961 and 1967. Documented with extensive photos and a long essay by Dion scholar Phil Milstein, this is the ultimate document of the creativity of the human subconscious. A modern masterpiece.'' Dion McGregor was a man who spoke aloud while he slept. He was taped by his roomate between 1961-67. These recordings are different from the extremely rare album released in '64. ''Dion McGregor dreams out loud & his dreams are not very pretty.'' Unbelievable & conditionally recommeded. [Tzadik]
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