MediaBanda - Bombas En El Aire CD

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Cristián Cristosto - Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone
Christian Hirth - Drums, Synthesizer
Cristóbal Dahm - Baritone Saxophone, Alto Saxophone
Rodrigo Aguirre - Flute, Tenor Saxophone
Rafael Chaparro - Tenor Saxophone
Tomás Ravassa - Keyboards, Synthesizer
Aurelio Silva - Electric Guitar
Valentina Mardones - Vocals
Felipe Martínez - Electric Bass
Matías Baeza - Guitar (1-3)
Cristóbal Arriagada - Synthesizer (1-3)
DJ Humitas - Turntables (7)

Media Banda is a superb & somewhat legendary Chilean progressive rock / fusion / contemporary music ensemble, descended from the also legendary Chilean band, Fulano.
After Fulano stopped, some of the musicians went on to MediaBanda
This is their fourth (out of five) from 2017. We have a very limited number here...
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