Megan Quartet - Roadside Picnic (special)

Well, I made the Claudia Quintet joke mentally myself, so I suppose you can do so too. Having said that, it's really nice to see this released, from our friends in Estonia who run MKDK (who also released that great Phlox album a couple of years ago) although it's also a bit surprising since the material is from a decade ago and the group is no longer active. Having said that, musically this is an excellent and even unique take on electric jazz/fusion by a quartet of musicians on keyboards, electric guitar, saxes, bass and drums. Great stuff - don't believe me? Check out the myspace link to hear them!

"Megan Quartet is an Estonian fusiongroup which was created in the spring of 1997 by musician and composer Tarvo Kaspar Toome in Tallinn. Megan Quartet's contemporary instrumental music unites elements of rock, classical, minimalist, psychedelic, alternative and jazz music. Megan Quartet is the direct descendant of Meggan, probably the oldest band in Estonian new wave of progressive and jazzrock, that started in the beginning of 1990's. Music is a vehicle, a bicycle, to be exact — pedalling slowly, one is able to pay attention to even the finest minutiae; then again, while riding full-throttle, the details can be forgotten and all attention turned to enjoing the wind and the ride itself...In this manner, strange and exquisite journeys into the inner realms can be embarked upon. “Roadside Picnic” is the 25th (!) release of indie label MKDK Records and Megan Quartet's third fusion-jazz-rock-album, which contains band's selected studiosessions. You will encounter two different Megan Quartets on this recording. One is minimalist in its use of sound, somewhat similar to how they played their music live at that time — with just a bass, a piano or a guitar, a saxophone and the percussions. The other has been produced, polished and fine-tuned with great pleasure and a concentrated ear to detail — a band of several layers and tricks, or, as it actually sounds inside the head of this group's founder and leader Tarvo Kaspar Toome. The album contains music that, due to circumstances, was written in 1992–1997, performed 1997–2002, recorded 1997–1998 and mixed 2002–2008 — it's a record which producing took over 10 years! Probably it is the time that should provide the reason and the context for this music — the very same time that so eagerly delayed the release of this record."

You can hear their music here

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