Melvins - Sugar Daddy Live (Mega Blowout Sale)

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"Much too often, late career live albums don't capture the spirit of a band. This is far from the case with the Melvins. Recorded live, presumably while touring somewhere in 2008 (hard to be sure, since, like the Alive at the F*cker Club venue, the 'busta-guts club ' doesn't actually exist) Sugar Daddy Live finds the sludge metalists powering through an energetic 13 songs nearly 25 years after their formation, and having a ton of fun while doing so. The lineup is the same as in recent albums, with King Buzzo backed by bassist Jared Warren, and duel drummers Dale Crover and Coady Willis. Most of the material stems from A Senile Animal and Nude with Boots, and the chemistry is evident as they take some songs into long, beastly jams. Aside from a goofish a cappella take on 'The Star Spangled Banner, ' there are only three songs not from A Senile Animal or Nude with Boots: 'Boris ' from 1991 2s Bullhead, "Eye Flys" from 1987 's Gluey Porch Treatments, and "Tipping the Lion" from 1986 's Stag. Still, as it is, there are loads of live Melvins releases that cover music from the early years, and many fans would agree that the band 's later material is fantastic. Not to mention that 'Civilized Worm ', 'Nude with Boots', and 'The Kicking Machine' are perfect live anthems."-All Music Guide/Jason Lymangrover
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