Mercury Tree - Spidermilk

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Ben Spees - voice, guitar, keyboards
Connor Reilly - drums
Oliver Campbell - bass
Igliashon Jones - guitar

The Mercury Tree have been around for a while and I saw them several years ago, but they have moved into a new, microtonal direction that adds a lot of interest while still allowing them to remain firmly as a ‘song’ band, which you can read about in the band’s words below. This, their first in that vein, is really impressive and the show I saw very recently around it was even more so! Recommended!!

“ A mammoth project of over two years, this is our first full-length album composed entirely in microtonal tuning using 17 notes per octave. Using an assortment of custom-built instruments and synthetic sounds, and a newly expanded lineup, we've tried to craft something that's beautiful yet completely unfamiliar. We hope these novel pitches, typically rarely heard by the average music listener, will introduce you to an alien and fascinating world, yet one that's still rich with humanity and emotion.”
“The new TMT formula is killer! I don't believe anyone else blends microtonality with prog in the same way.”-Can This Even Be Called Music
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