Messthetics - The Messthetics CD

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Anthony Pirog-guitar
Joe Lally-bass
Brendan Canty-drums

There's a lot of additional information here, but here is really what you need to know. Brendan & Joe were the rhythm section for DC's legendary rock band, Fugazi, who thrilled literally hundreds of thousands for over 15 years. Brendan and Joe were (and are) a tremendously tight and also rock hard rock rhythm section, which might remind you of the core of similarly rockin' and adventurous bands such as Mission Of Burma and Gang Of Four.
For the last 7-8 years, I have been aware of Anthony, an amazing DC guitarist, whose musicality and range of stylistic abilities has continued to stagger and surprise me.
Now, Brendan and Joe are working together again in a band for the first time in 15 years, playing a more 'out' instrumental music and had the very good sense to pick Anthony as an equal third partner in the band. This is tremendous stuff. Hugely personally recommended.

"There was always something a little jazzy about Fugazi, so it only makes sense that half of the legendary post-hardcore has resurfaced in the instrumental outfit The Messthetics. Bassist Joe Lally and drummer Brendan Canty spent nearly two decades honing their improv chops during Fugazi's extended, in-concert jams, and that ability serves them well on their new group's self-titled debut album. Anthony Pirog, the guitarist of the instrumental trio, comes from a jazz and experimental-music background, having led various ensembles over the past few years, including Skysaw with Smashing Pumpkins' Jimmy Chamberlin and the enchanting cello-and-guitar, husband-and-wife duo Janel and Anthony. On The Messthetics, he and this veteran rhythm section whip up a hypnotic, occasionally aggressive, ultimately meditative mood. The duality at the record's core not only makes for contrasting tones, it establishes a compelling interplay with no easy resolution.
Lally and Canty's chemistry is reborn here. Album opener "Mythomania" simmers, fueled by the synergy between Lally's chunky bass line and Canty's sinewy wallop. The intro to "Serpent Tongue" boasts one of Canty's head-snapping, trademark drum rolls. For longtime fans of the two musicians, it's a thrill to hear the pair lay down a propulsive undertow on "Quantum Path," even as Pirog's guitar pyrotechnics demand center stage, mixing frantic fretwork with deep grooves and hidden hooks. "Crowds and Power" is the heaviest track on Messthetics, a pummeling workout that shows off Lally and Canty's muscular teamwork while giving Pirog plenty of space to launch haunting, cosmic solos."-NPR

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