Metheny, Pat - First Circle

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"Metheny’s final ECM disc reflected a growing interest in South American rhythms and introduced Argentinean percussionist/singer Pedro Aznar to the group."

"First Circle" is, in my opinion not just Pat Matheny's best CD, but one of the top CDs in 'avant-Brazilian' Jazz. The reason for this is Pedro Aznar, as well as Lyle Mays' great key and synth work, and Matheny's inspired playing. Other than Aznar's "Mas Alla", Matheny's "If I Could" is the stellar cut and quite simply a devastating masterpiece. When I saw this band live in an intimate setting in 1986, they played the entire "First Circle" recording, then closed the show with "If I Could" and half of the audience was in tears - seriously. The entire concert, with Aznar being featured, was almost a lead-in to that last song. The rest of the songs on "First Circle" are all first rate and deserve the highest rating as well."-Douglas Negly

Pat Metheny-guitars, synclavier guitar, guitar synthesizer
Lyle Mays-trumpet, synthesizers, piano, organ, bells
Steve Rodby-acoustic bass, bass guitar, drum
Pedro Aznar-voice, guitar, percussion
Paul Wertico-drums, percussion
  • LabelECM
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A transitional album of the highest calibre and definitely (as far as the PMG was concerned a pointer to a more commercial future). My personal favorite of the ECM releases but was a regretful goodbye to edgier and more challenging piecies of the band's output (listen to Off Ramp). Solo and collaborative projects would more than compensate, but the Garage Band days were most definitely over. Still an awesome recording of a group 'on their game'.
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