Metronome The City - Object to be Destroyed

Second and latest album by this eclectric progressive band from New Orleans.

"This is the second disc from the little-known New Orleans prog band, whose first disc was praised here when they left us with copies a couple of years back. Great, sort-of tight Crimsonesque math/progressive interlocking guitar lines with strong XTC-like vocals (on a few tracks) which then warps into a dub section. Like Naked City, this band keeps surprising us by with numerous changes in direction: post-surf, hard rock, inventive Dr. Nerve-like precision and even some Devo-ish humorous aspects. The final piece is a long epic that features a fine sitar introduction which builds into an impressive progressive jam. It's rare to hear acoustic sitar and electric guitar interweaving their lines but this is what makes this piece special. It eventually weaves back down to a somber raga-like section, then erupts with an intense Crimson-like conclusion. Metronome the City have again provided us with an overlooked treasure." - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music

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