MiRthkon - Vehicle

This is going to be one of the CDs of 2009 for me personally. This is the first full length by a great California sextet consisting of dual guitars, dual woodwinds, bass and drums with a small amount of vocals and some guests. It mixes comtemporary stylings (i.e. the guitars are often crunchy) with stop on a dime avant-progressive influences such as Picchio dal Pozzo, Miriodor, Blast, Henry Cow, Frank Zappa, etc. There's really not much more to say other than if Picchio and Miriodor really float your boat and you want to hear complex, modern rock music that touches on the influences I have mentioned but that already have their own sound. In addition to this, the booklet is really nicely designed and fairly bizarre and involved. Highly, highly recommended.

You can hear their music here

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Easily the best album of 2009. Best debut album by a band in decades.
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I'll add to this interesting influences discussion. Personally the Frank Zappa influence is undeniable. The PDP is a bit less present, but it does pop up now and then. And that 'US rock'/heaviness is also certainly applicable for most of the journey. I also find a couple of the songs (actually all the ones with vocals) comparable to Bubblemath. Even outside of the vocals, there is still that Bubblemath sound on a couple of songs instrumentally. All in all a nice slice of modern avant-rock.
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Extremely impressive album in many levels and categories . Unlike the previous reviewer I find the PDP & Zappa references quite appropriate Highly recommended !
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