Microwaves - Regurgitant Phenomena vinyl lp + CD (due to size and weight, this price for the USA only. Outside of the USA, the price will be adjusted as needed)

"Pittsburgh's Microwaves offer up a behemothic slab of splintered noise rock fury with Regurgitant Phenomena, the group's fifth LP and debut for New Atlantis Records. The album explodes from the drop of the needle, showcasing a ferocious power trio with taut, concise compositions, brimming with turbulent dissonance and massively energetic performances. With robotic kineticism, the band splits the difference between the cathartic fury of punk rock, the thorned intricacies of avant prog, and the brash pulsations of no wave.

Tracks like No Pictures, Please and Drug Damage, are outright rockers featuring gnarly, flayed guitar riffs, serpentine bass patterns, and brutish tom rumblings. At times, the vocals call to mind the brash, confrontational rantings of the legendary Dazzling Killmen. The album's B side is made up of more bristling rock ditties, coupled with stark, futurist instrumental passages. Album closer Clone Parade might be the record's least conventional piece, flowing from a stomping, lock-step polyrhythmic march into cascades of triplet blasts, before culminating in a bevy of odd-time drum/guitar stabs and a three-minute wash of sci-fi guitar skronk.

Fans of unhinged, free-ranging rock music take note- Microwaves have served up a record that rips. Highlighting more focus and badass 'rawk' aggression than previous efforts for UgExplode and Crucial Blast, Regurgitant Phenomena is a true gift from our unseen, cosmic overlords- a bold, refreshing rock record from a unit with an impact that has potentiated over time. Available as a 12" LP with a free CD included for your digital gratification."
  • LabelNew Atlantis
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