Mirkwood - Mirkwood

"Mirkwood were from Dover, Kent, in England. They played progressive rock with two guitars and a thought-provoking text. They owed not only to their musical abilities, but also to their capacity of transforming new ideas into music that they were among the leading bands in Kent. Their one and only LP (Flams Ltd. PR 1067) was recorded on 17 January 1973. It still was released in the very same year in a number of only 99 pieces. Thus, today it is worth about 1000€ when in mint condition. New legal releases appeared on Tenth Planet in 1993, and on Amber Soundroom in 2004. A CD was yet to come. The one here on hand comes along with a 32-page booklet full of information. It holds among others a gripping review by the guitarist Jack Castle which makes those times come alive."
  • LabelThors Hammer/Garden Of Delights
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