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An impressive DVD release by this rehearsal intensive, Bay-area band who, as I write this, are on tour outside of the Bay-area for the very first time, impressing people everywhere!

"Following the release of their critically acclaimed album Vehicle, Mirthkon began production on an ambitious multi-media extravaganza combining their idiosyncratic musical style with synchronized video projection and on-stage performance. After a year of touring and refinement, Mirthkon revealed its most ambititious incarnation of the show to date...it is that performance that is captured in this film. Featuring over 70 minutes of live music, including 4 never-before released songs, the live performance is meticulously interwoven with their unique, thought-provoking and hilarious videos to give viewers a real sense of what it is like to experience the multimedia extravaganza in person...you won't want to miss one second of this beautifully contructed yet horribly overwrought masterpiece."

"Like most avant-progressive artists, miRthkon's musical aesthetic eludes easy categorization, its defiance of virtually all musical convention being the only unifying attribute. On their original Myspace page, influences listed included Albert Marcoeur, Anton Webern, Fred Frith, Meshuggah, Henri Dutilleux, Anthony Braxton, Slayer, Henry Threadgill, Muhal Richard Abrams, Igor Stravinsky, Samuel Barber, and Elliott Carter[5] . However, more than any of these, Scharold has repeatedly made claims to the significant influence -- both musically and conceptually -- of Frank Zappa. Zappa's influence is prevalent in the musical complexity of the compositions, but is also felt throughout the band's satirical presentation of a number of concepts involving a dense mythology underpinning the band's recorded and live material. These concepts were taken to an extreme on the album "Vehicle" and a thread of continuity is maintained in their live performances via the projection of dozens of short films and fake commercials created by Scharold and video/conceptual collaborator Jarred McAdams. Zappa's influence can also be found in the execution of the music itself. Scharold has stated in an interview that "when [he] heard [Zappa's composition] Be-Bop Tango and then learned that the entire song was a fully-notated composition, it was an epiphany: take a rock band and use it like a chamber ensemble." Every song in miRthkon's repertoire is fully scored in traditional and extended music notation, including fully orchestrated parts for the drumset. This approach draws on the notational practices contemporary classical music, big band jazz, and thrash metal guitar technique, often incorporating many idiomatic techniques and employing the specialized notation standardized within each particular musical style. The process of rehearsing and recording the music is often done in the style of contemporary classical orchestral and chamber music, with a strong emphasis on ensemble interplay and dynamics."
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Not a straight concert video by any means. But if you like a lot of bizarre images synched with the music and a lot of goofy skits, this is really very compelling. And the music is there and it *is* great.
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