Missus Beastly - Minden 1976 CD

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“After their psychedelic and bluesy beginnings, Missus Beastly had been playing instrumental jazz-rock since 1974. This was also the case here at their performance at the Haus der Jugend in Minden on Friday, January 23rd, 1976. In the same month, just a few days before, they had also recorded their then third LP "Dr. Aftershave and the mixed-pickles", then still with Jürgen Benz, who was gone by the time of this performance.
So the pieces on the Minden CD contain some elements of the LP tracks, but nothing more. It wasn't that the pieces were played live - they were free variations. Hence the neutral titles "Minden Mind - Part 01" to "Minden Mind - Part 07". The professional recording is flawless in sound.”
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