Missus Beastly - Space Guerilla CD (expanded)

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Fourth and final release by Missus Beastly, reissued here for the very first time; until Garden Of Delights announced this one, I wasn't actually aware it existed!
Burkard Schmidl-keyboards, guitar
Locko Richter-bass, violin
Friedemann Josch-flutes, soprano sax
Jan Zelinka-drums

"Instrumental jazz-rock, recorded perfectly in the Stuttgart sound studio Zuckerfabrik in April 1978. Its style resembles that of its predecessor, “Dr. Aftershave and the mixed-pickles”.

“Space guerilla” (Schneeball 00011) was then the fourth and last lp by Missus Beastly. All of the eight songs were written by the band members themselves. The two bonus tracks were taken from sampler LPs: the first one, from the sampler “Umsonst & draußen – Porta Westvlothica 78”, was drawn from the master tape; the second one was taken from “Rock gegen rechts” (1979). The album at hand is actually the first CD release of “Space guerilla”. The 32-page booklet contains a detailed band history, an accurate discography including cover and label reproductions, photographs, etc. Thus, the series of CD releases of Missus Beastly material has practically been completed."
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Although i really like their 'Dr Aftershave' album, that one has actually a much more laid back sound when compared to 'Space Guerilla'. To me 'Space guerilla' has always sounded much more dynamic and much more in the fusion mold of mid 70s greats. A great one for sure, and my favorite from all their albums.
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