Mist Season - Mist Season

Very mellow, instrumental fusion/progressive from Finland, the group consists of: Keijo Hakala (bass), Timo Kajamies (keyboards), Jukka Pitkänen (trumpet, flugelhorn), Kimmo Pörsti (drums,percussion), Kari Rantakallio (sax, wind synthesizer), Tommi Varjola (guitar). You'll hear elements of Camel, Pekka Pohjola, Pat Metheny, Passport and others.

"More and more bands from the Skandinavian country Finland are entering the Prog Archives site and I am pleased that Mist Season is also included. The debut CD from the Finnish five piece band will please the jazzrock afionados, what a virtuosic musicians, Finnish people can do more than play excellent ice-hockey and football, like my Ajax hero Jari Litmanen! The climates on the 11 songs alternate from bluesy and mellow to jazzy and swinging with great work on the piano and sax along some electric guitar (from jazzy to fiery). The rhythm-section sounds tight and powerful, often a base for solowork on the piano and saxophone. If you want to enjoy 54 minutes of great jazzrock oriented prog, this exciting album wil be yours!"-Erik Neuteboom/progarchives.com
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