Mitchell, Joni - The Wells Fargo Theater, Los Angeles, 26th January 1995 (Mega Blowout Sale)

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"A live concert conducted at the Wells Fargo Theatre in Los Angeles. The audience was comprised of 200 ardent fans on a invitation basis only. The set list includes twelve musical numbers and one talk track totaling seventy-two minutes of playing time. The (radio broadcast)... sound quality [is] exceptional. The audience/artist chemistry throughout the concert elevates the quality of Joni's performance. The audience members are equally welcoming, friendly and appreciative whether the artist is singing or having a conversation.
She responds by singing and playing some of her best live interpretations from material drawn from "Turbulent Indigo", "Hejira", "Night Ride Home", "Wild Things Run Fast" and "Court and Spark." She delivers a relaxed performance, obviously experiencing a good time. It's a joy to hear her perform this set in a "stripped down" mode with her sterling voice and guitar playing.
The listener gets a true appreciation for the artist's open tuning technique and it's impact on the soulful experience these musical interpretations deliver. One could argue that 1995 finds Joni Mitchell in her performing prime, her voice is rich and seasoned and her playing flawless.
Fans will appreciated the extended liner notes which provides background to this memorable concert.
Highly recommended to all who appreciate the genius of Joni Mitchell."-Richard Ferris
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