Mobius - Make The Promise CD

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“MobiUS began their musical quest in the summer of 2020. The band is a collective of seasoned session musicians, considered classical performers and radical recording professionals. MobiUS is, however, less of an artistic enigma and more a mosaic of inspirational musical ideas. Tim Newcombe is the creative architect of the music, drawing influences from the likes of Pink Floyd, King Crimson and Camel, whilst seamlessly morphing inspiration from later more contemporary artists such as Frost* or Porcupine Tree. These ideas, conceptual and fresh, are moulded by the creative input of the whole band into immersive tracks, through which you can hear Hughes’ love of Rush, Clifton’s experience of Yes and McCaig’s collaboration with Moog specialist ‘Tigger’ known for his experimental and prog work. The result? Music that is steeped in emotion, rich in harmony, and overflowing with light and shade. A careful listen will entice the audience with flavours of Jazz, Blues, Rock, and Classical styles curried into a joyous, thoughtful and breath-taking progressive experience; as compelling to taste as a fine wine and as difficult to put down as a literary masterpiece. MobiUS is quite simply a fascinating and compelling emerging artist of our time.”
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