Modern Shit - Will Make You Ill

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"A very singular chapter in the Amos/It's War Boys/Milk From Cheltenham/Homosexuals history. Directly taken from the original It's War Boys catalog, here is one of the most obscure sonic works of the early 1980s, Modern Shit! First "issued" on tape, this work circulated only privately among the close friends of the label and was never officially distributed. Actually, it represents one of the most intense and experimental outputs of this creative London period. The idea was to create contemporary "non-stop" music, vaguely in emulous contradiction to products by people like Cerrone and Biddulph (1970s disco queens). Lepke and Amos, the two minds behind this project (and 2/3 of the Milk From Cheltenham adventurers), each constructed a half-hour of near-continuous non-stop music using only the foulest materials. In those days they had their 8-track studio in a moldy basement below Brixton Road, South London, and they happened to occasionally record some awful wannabe pop bands. It was a truly horrible experience, but with a good side. Almost as soon as the idiots left the studio, Lepke and Amos would start re-mixing their music, often stealing and sticking it (suitably mangled) onto new tracks, the basis material for Modern Shit. The CD is presented in a new digipack edition with full-color cover."
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