Moetar - Entropy Of The Century

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The second, very, very excellent release from this very unique 'pop-yet-complex' band, featuring great players and a truly extraordinary vocalist:
Moorea Dickason - Vocals
Tarik Ragab - Bass
Matt Lebofsky - Keyboards
Jonathan Herrera - Keyboards
Matthew Heulitt - Guitar
David M Flores - Drums
"MoeTar’s two main protagonists, lead singer Moorea Dickason and bassist/songwriter/lyricist Tarik Ragab, along with a versatile crew of musicians, including guitarist Matthew Charles Heulitt (Zigaboo Modeliste, Narada Michael Walden), drummer David Flores and keyboardist Matt Lebofsky (miRthkon), and keyboardist Jonathan Herrera create catchy, yet complex, music that attempts to make sense of our confusing world. The fact is, MoeTar’s music defies categorization and, therein, lies the band’s special appeal. Tricky rhythms and technical pyrotechnics are not in themselves anything special.

On Entropy of the Century, MoeTar expands its palette even further. The band understands the power of pop to deliver a message that sticks, but unlike most pop, uses the full breadth of the musical language to convey that message.

Entropy of the Century captures an important new band coming into its own, harnessing the disparate powers of its extraordinary musicians for a common purpose. Don’t bother trying to define the band. Just listen."

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