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"This album has been assembled from five hours of jam session tapes recorded during 1991 by Francis Monkman, Rob Martin and Florian Pilkington-Miksa, all original members of Curved Air.
These jams were initiated by their friend and guitarist Mike Gore and grew into regular sessions, Rob showing up on occasions when his work in New York would allow him time off to contribute.
Inspired by the music of Quicksilver Messenger Service, Spirit and Jimi Hendrix, the tapes give a pretty good idea of what the Curved Air backline was up to in 1968.
Those who saw the original Curved Air live are familiar with guitar and drum freakouts during songs like 'Propositions' and 'Thinking On The Floor', will recognize the raw power and spontaneity of the playing here, all with a touch of psychedelia thrown in."

"Veteran progressive rocker Francis Monkman (Sky, Curved Air, 801 etc.) is joined by Mike Gore and fellow Curved Air alumni Rob Martin and Florian Pilkington-Miksa on these powerful and edgy jam sessions. Raw and intense, this CD will remind you of what originally attracted you to progressive rock, even though it has a unique quality like nothing you’ve heard before. The experience and ability of these musicians allow the music to retain a great deal of coherence while venturing into some very wild and free territory. As Rob Martin so correctly states in the liner notes, “The jams were magic. I’d start off with a simple bassline or Florian would take off on a rhythmic tangent and the energy was almost overwhelming.” Very highly recommended."-J.E. Stanley
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