Montesano - El Pasillo

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"It was in the early eighties, when ex-Crucis keyboardist Gustavo Montesano ended his participation in "Merlin" (a band founded with Alejandro De Michele, and with whom he recorded a disc), and decided to create a new project, which was to combine traditional music and a taste for symphonic progressive rock. The result was the band Montesano, with his brother Marcelo on keyboards, Fernando Ortega of Marbella on bass, Marina Olmi on vocals, and Richard Giles on drums. Their sole album, “El Pasillo,” was released early in 1982. A refined progressive rock, full of nuances, with the music based upon carefully developed, delicate melodies. This mixing of Latin sophistication and elegance evokes Italians groups such as Premiata Forneria Marconi, Celeste, Quella Vecchia Loccanda with superb aerial guitar parts ala Santana and delicate keyboards lines. The CD includes two unreleased tracks from Crucis. An album that deserves to be rediscovered and appreciated to understand a little more of one of the great artists of progressive rock from Argentina."
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