Moonkyte - Moonkyte (special)

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Massively hyped and really extremely good psych/folk album.

"First legit reissue of this album, one of the all time classic UK folk/psych albums, even better than Simon Finn! Yorkshire's Moonkyte only made one album, and -- though it was supported by John Peel, who wrote the effusive sleevenotes -- it sank without a trace when it appeared on the tiny Mother label in 1971. This is extremely rare folk-psychedelia with originals changing hands for hundreds of pounds. Sunbeam is giving it its first official reissue, showing it to be a great lost British acid folk gem and an absolute treat for all lovers of acid folk and psychedelia. With new liner notes, Peel's original liner notes and unearthed photographs."
  • LabelSunbeam
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