Moore, Anthony - Flying Doesn't Help/World Service 2 x CDs (special)

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This packages the Slapp Happy and Henry Cow man's two best 'rock' albums from 1978 and 1981 together in one fine package. Fans of intelligent song-format albums and (to my mind) John Cale's better works will really love these. Glad to see that the two AMG reviewers also mention Cale! Includes his remake of Henry Cow's "War".

"While much of Anthony Moore's earlier work is pleasant yet dispensable, 1979's Flying Doesn't Help falls into a different class altogether. Elaborate yet accessible, the effects of Moore's masterwork can be felt on a number of levels. The opening track, a hooker-with-a-heart-of-gold story called "Judy Get Down," is "Lady Madonna" for a new generation, both in its playful use of double entendres and in its unfailing Beatlesque melodicism. The songs that follow run the gamut from mordant to mischievous to desolate. More manufactures a musical landscape that is starkly beautiful, emotionally charged, and a tad dangerous, not unlike the best of John Cale's solo material. The immediate follow-up to Anthony Moore's career pinnacle, Flying Doesn't Help, World Service is nearly as strong though less immediately accessible. The sound of the album is quite similar to Peter Gabriel's third and fourth solo albums, with a pronounced African and Middle Eastern feel to some songs, particularly the politically tinged title track. Moore lacks Gabriel's innate optimism, however, and the album's tone veers from darkly bitter (on the ironically poppy, upbeat "Broke 'n Idle") to downright bleak (the climactic "Still Nowhere to Go," which recalls some of John Cale's late-'70s work). World Service is a richly satisfying album with layered, complex arrangements -- along with Moore's multi-instrumentalist skills, the album features Ollie Halsall on guitar and one of the earliest appearances of Alex Paterson under his nom de disque the Orb on percussion and saxophone -- and pristine but not overly slick production, and its darker tones complement the comparatively light Flying Doesn't Help. [The CD reissue of World Service features some alternate versions of songs -- reportedly selected by Moore -- that differ from those in the album's original vinyl release. In 2012 the Floating World label paired this alternate edition of the album with Flying Doesn't Help in a two-disc set.]"-All Music Guide
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