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So, let me explain to you why, even though this has never been 'generally released' before, this is one of the great albums by R. Stevie Moore.

As some of you know, the very 1st Cuneiform release, 30 years ago, was by RSM. I chose the songs from a multitude of cassettes, but many of the tracks that I chose were taken from the only 'professional' tape he had made, which improved the over-all sound quality and also inspired him to do some of his best work.

IF you already own What's The Point?!!, or one of the many releases that borrowed from What's The Point?!!, , you have much of this, but if you don't own that, you need this.

"In Fall 1979, R. Stevie Moore squeezed into a midtown Manhattan building at 56 West 45th Street, entered a tiny eighth floor jingle studio run by Englishman Tom Clack, and proceeded to bond big time with ambitious engineer Jon Child (who Uncle Harry Palmer had earlier sought out to assist in assembling the original Phonography album) to create one of his greatest collections of music. Still awestruck by his recent move north, R. Stevie first met Jon and Tom when the studio was utilized for compiling the Delicate Tension LP. With a cache of great new songs and experiments, he now was set, aimed to break down all barriers and collect audio styles galore in a 'professional' eight track environment, a major jump from mere tape deck home demos. The project extended well into the next year (decade). Those many sessions are gathered on this 60 minute masterpiece, simply titled CLACK! from which many of Moore's greatest all-time hits emerged."
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