Moraine - Metamorphic Rock

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"Since releasing its widely acclaimed debut CD manifest deNsity in 2009, Seattle’s Moraine has quickly built a reputation as one of the most electrifying and original instrumental rock bands anywhere, winning over listeners across the globe with its unique amalgam of art rock, forward-thinking jazz, world music, and a host of other musical ingredients. The band ups the ante with its highly anticipated new release Metamorphic Rock: Live at NEARfest, a blazing concert performance. Metamorphic Rock captures Moraine in peak form at NEARfest 2010, the world’s preeminent showcase for progressive rock, where the band wowed listeners with its inventive compositions, formidable musicianship, and tightly meshed instrumental interplay. The first Moraine release to feature woodwind virtuoso James DeJoie and powerhouse drummer Stephen Cavit, Metamorphic Rock marks a major advance in the group’s evolution from its chamber-rock origins toward a more forceful and dynamic sound. The album consists largely of new and previously unreleased material, including striking arrangements of ancient and contemporary Asian music, augmented by a number of radically retooled tunes from manifest deNsity. Moraine has been compared to King Crimson, the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Curved Air and Terje Rypdal, but though these comparisons are sometimes apt (and humbly appreciated on the band’s part), the group has forged its own distinct sonic identity, whether engaging in jazz-inflected improvisation, executing intricate ensemble passages, or dishing out crushing, twisted riffs, while displaying a warmth and lyricism often lacking in avant-rock. As Metamorphic Rock amply demonstrates, MORAINE, like its geological namesake, is truly a force of nature. About the band: Moraine is an omnivorous Seattle-based instrumental quintet led by celebrated guitarist Dennis Rea and featuring violinist Alicia DeJoie, woodwind player James DeJoie, bassist Kevin Millard, and drummer Stephen Cavit. With its several writers and full complement of ace instrumentalists arrayed in striking combination, Moraine achieves a unique sound while drawing on forms ranging from art rock to Chinese folk music to plugged-in power jazz and more. Moraine has been enthusiastically received by audiences ranging from jazz aficionados to metalheads to progressive rock partisans and its set at NEARfest 2010, the world's foremost progressive rock festival, was considered by many to be a highlight of the festival."


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