Moraz, Patrick - Future Memories I and II (Mega Blowout Sale)

Incredible price on this release - one of his very best I have always thought - by this excellent Swiss keyboardist who will always be remembered as the man who replaced Rick Wakeman in Yes, made one fantastic album with them and toured the world, and then was replaced in Yes by...Rick Wakeman.

I remember these from when they were originally released in the late 70s and early 80s on vinyl. Both of these were semi-improvised, live solo concerts in real time, broadcast on TV. So, you are getting the complete and undiluted sound of Patrick and his keyboard rig in a solo concert.

This is not the complete two albums on one CD (I notice that Metamorphoses, which was in four parts, is only here in parts II & III and instead of being 18' is now 12'), but ALL of Future Memories I is here and that's the best of the two of them, I think and at these prices, keyboard/synth fans should still rejoice at having this material available again at a reasonable price. Lots of nice photos in the booklet and short liner notes.
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