Morglbl - Tea Time For Punks

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Sixth album from this great, powerful, heavy-but-subtle power trio. I like their amazing musicality, I like their sense of humor (something that fusion and 'chops-oriented' music isn't really known for) and I like the way they make it all seem not only effortless, but FUN.

"The madcap French jazz metal trio return with their sixth album. Morglbl consists of guitarist Christope Godin, bassist Ivan Rougny, and drummer Aurelian Ouzoulias. The band has toured extensively around the world – USA, Europe, Russia and even China! They have shared the stage with Liquid Tension Experiment, Bumblefoot, and Umphrey’s McGee among others.

These three virtuosos are also well endorsed clinicians and have developed a following individually but when they come together the fireworks really start. Tea Time For Punks doesn’t deviate from the tried and true Morglbl formula. Take equal parts fusion and crushing metal power chords, then inject a healthy dose of tongue in cheek humor and you’ve got the perfect Morglbl album. The band is often described as Primus meets Steve Vai and Allan Holdsworth, with flavors of Frank Zappa!"
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